We are a friendly bunch here at The Reigate Rhetoric, and we are happy to hear from you for any reason. So if you want to join us, or just to get the answer to a question that we haven’t yet included in our FAQ, please get in touch using the form below.

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While Covid-19 persisits we will be meeting online using the Zoom platform.

Please contact us for details

We meet at
Reigate Community Centre
(rear of Methodist Church)
53 High St

Email us: thereigaterhetoric@gmail.com

Call us on 07745 817086

Car Parking

The Reigate Community Centre does not have car parking availability for visitors, other than disabled spaces.

Members and visitors to our meetings can choose one of the council operated car parks. We would recommend either the Upper West Street or Bell Street car parks.

Alternatively, the Centre is located to the rear of Morrisons Reigate outlet, which has its own free car park which is often quite empty in evening. But they do have a 2 hour limit and they have been known to ticket vehicles staying longer. But they don’t do it all the time. It’s down to you. 

Reigate Community Centre

Upper West Street Car Park

Bell Street Car Park