Our first May meeting of The Reigate Rhetoric took place last week, and it was a good evening. We were pleased to welcome a few guests, Colm and Vicky, Pauline from Gatwick, Kirk from Epsom, and Shalwa who has now joined the club

Colm, our visitor, won the Best Topic ribbon

Our own Doris Sew Hoy took the Toastmaster role, and showed us all how to do it! She was organised, structured, encouraging, and got us through the meeting in a smooth and fun way

She announced the great victory of Dan Magill in our district competition, and who is now our district humorous speech champion. That makes him the funniest speaker in the south of England! Well done Dan!

The warm up was all about our favourite films – and we found that we’re quite an eclectic bunch! There were westerns, classics, romances and all sorts!

Tommo won the Best Speaker ribbon

Then we had three prepared speeches. Kirk gave us a heartfelt speech about his journey to weight loss via taking up running, and the victories he had achieved. Tom merged two of his passions – tree care, and how to use technology. And I offered some musings about the dramas of public transport. Tom took the best speaker ribbon, with a speech that was both serious and amusing.

We had three evaluations for the speeches. Feargal, who is very experienced, Silvia who is gaining experience, and Paul Burlacu who did his first evaluation. All did good jobs, and Feargal walked away with the ribbon.

After welcoming our guests and a break, we then had a topics session led by Drew Woodger. He had thought his topics through, and gave us some controversial topics, ranging from Brexit, to extra terrestials, and reincarnation. Plenty of food for thought, and plenty of great speakers. One of our guests, Colm won the ribbon.

The evening was summarised with a general evaluation from Silvia, who is really getting into the groove with her evaluations, and who gave us helpful recommendations, as well as encouraging commendations

All in all, a great evening. Next meeting is on 10th June, and before that we are planning a social. Doris will send out details to the whole club

Have a great week and look forward to seeing you soon

Charlie Warshawski

For The Reigate Rhetoric