Our first March meeting of The Reigate Rhetoric took place last night, and it was a good evening. As ever, it was a mix of club members and guests from other clubs in the area, both as attendees and in meeting roles

It was a historic occasion – the meeting was run by our own Leon Gadson, another first for Leon. He gave his first speech recently, has taken on other roles, and now was the first “new “ member to be Toastmaster. Inspired by Silvia, he set a theme for the meeting, and introduced all speakers as superheroes of one sort or another. It gave a good twist to the meeting. He was well supported with a couple of the old guard – Dan and Feargal – at the back doing timekeeping and videoing

The warm up was delivered by John Drinkwater from Epsom. He had has think about how we would spend some of President Trump’s spare cash!

We then had three interesting speeches, all well delivered. Matthijs Houweling came from Epsom to give a speech – receiving an award. Doris Sew Hoy is working through the Entertaining Speaker manual and told us all about taking the plunge and getting a dog. And Silvia Vizzoni gave us a reflective speech about astrology, which clearly moved her

The speeches were then evaluated, all by experienced evaluators. Charlie Warshawski offered a few thoughts about Matthias’s speech, Dave Lister as a last minute swap gave us his usual polished and humorous evaluation of Doris’s speech. And John, back on stage, gave his first evaluation, of Silvia’s speech. Plenty of learning for both the speakers and the rest of the audience

After a break, we had a good topics session, with Leila Gardiner taking on this role for the first time.

She had us think about various aspects of humour, and got 8 speakers through in quick succession. Lots of fun and laughter, and our first time guest Bavisha won the ribbon

The topics were evaluated by Feargal Hogan, back from behind the video. Good insights and helpful commendations and recommendations

The evening was closed with a brief general evaluation by me, and an encouragement to attend one of the many other Toastmaster meetings in the area, especially during our competition season

We’ll be looking forward to the next meeting of 2019 on 8th April – a bit of a break as there are area competitions in 2 weeks time – see you there!

Charlie Warshawski

For The Reigate Rhetoric