Our second February meeting of The Reigate Rhetoric took place last week, and it was a fun evening. As ever, it was a mix of club members and guests from other clubs in the area, both as attendees and in meeting roles

Leon Gadson took on the Sergeant at Arms role, and seemed to enjoy swinging the gavel around a little too much! He gave us a warm welcome. The meeting then was run by our own Silvia Vizzoni. She decided that, as an Italian football fan, to make connections between the meeting and the participants, and famous footballers. Even those who aren’t footy fans enjoyed and were amused by the comparisons. She ran a great meeting, full of energy, insight and warmth. She was well supported as timekeeper by Paul Burlacu who carried out this role with precision and calmness.

The warm up was delivered by Dan Magill, aka the international man of mystery! He gave us a high challenge but high fun warm up, having us develop a collaborative story in 20 second chunks. Whether it will make the light of day as a published story, only time will tell!

We then had three fascinating speeches, all well delivered. George gave us a educational talk about preparing for job interviews. There were tips, recommendations and personal stories. Leila Gardner shared with us some wisdom about the deeper things in life! Tom Thomson, as ever, brought humour to the stage, with his satirical look at the (over)use of jargon in the Toastmasters world.

The speeches were then evaluated, all by experienced evaluators. Charlie offered a few thoughts about George’s speech, Dave gave us his usual polished and insightful performance in evaluating Leila . And Phoebus, visiting from Epsom, gave a clear and analytical evaluation of Tom’s humorous speech

After a break, we had a good length topics session, with Phoebus returning to the stage. He asked some big picture questions that made us think a little deeper about money than we normally do. And it was wonderful to see members, guests from other clubs, and new guests to the club all speaking. The topics were evaluated by our most experienced Toastmaster in the area – Amanda Zwarts. She was graceful, accurate and clear in all of her feedback. It was wonderful to see Angela Rigby winning the best topics speaker ribbon

The evening was closed with a brief general evaluation by me, and an encouragement to attend one of the many other Toastmaster meetings in the area

A fun evening, and we are now flourishing and growing as a club well into the groove of our meetings. We’ll be looking forward to the next meeting of 2019 on 11th March – see you there!

Charlie Warshawski

For The Reigate Rhetoric