The gang

Our second meeting of 2019 of the Reigate Rhetoric took place last week, and what a fun meeting it was. As is becoming a bit of a tradition, new members volunteered themselves with roles, to get their public speaking progress going 

Doris stepped in as Sargent at arms as Silvia was still in Italy, and as well as getting the room set up, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Then I took over and ran the session as Toastmaster. Everyone was in place with their roles. Angela Rigby took on the Timekeeper for the first time, and explained the role clearly. And Eric agreed, last minute, to be videographer.

It was a pleasure to welcome Dave Lister from Mole Valley and Dave Goodman from Epsom Speakers, who are fast becoming regulars – thanks for coming and contributing

The warm up was run by John Drinkwater from Epsom Speakers, who had us thinking about what we are planning on stockpiling because of Brexit – and we all heard some interesting and creative answers!

Then onto to the prepared speeches. First up was Paul Burlacu who delivered his ice breaker. We found out plenty about him, as well as hearing his passion for all things European! This was followed by an advanced speech by Tom Thomson, who shared some tales of woe and various injuries he had suffered, all in a humorous way!

The speeches were well evaluated. Doris gave Paul very helpful feedback on his ice breaker, explaining which skills he had, as well as a few to start working on. And Dave G offered his feedback to Tom. Both evaluations were skilful, specific and helpful, not just for the speakers but for all of us listening

After a break, we had a great table topics session, let by George Rockell. The topic was an interesting one, about things that make us happy or focus on our interests, which allowed us all to speak. George made sure that everyone who hadn’t had the chance to speak so far in the evening was called on. All spoke well, and the person who won the best topics ribbon was Dave Lister

The topics session was evaluated by Feargal, who was able to give recommendations and commendations for all the speakers, in a brief and energetic bit of feedback

Angela kept us on time with her timekeepers reports, and we finished the meeting in good spirits

A fun evening, and we are now well into the groove of our meetings. We’ll be looking forward to the next meeting of 2019 on 11th February– see you there!