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Improve your public speaking, leadership and communication skills. Build your confidence and grow as a leader. It’s time to get started on the new you!

Our Approach

We have a friendly and encouraging environment to enable you to achieve your public speaking goals and reach your potential. We use tried and tested techniques that work to boost your skills and enable everyone to benefit from our meetings.

Attend A Meeting

Take the first step and be our guest. Why not come to our next meeting, chat with our members and find out what The Reigate Rhetoric can do for you.

Stand Up and Speak

There are opportunities to stand up and speak from your first meeting. At The Reigate Rhetoric there is no pressure to speak, you only participate when you are ready. It’s okay to attend our meetings and just listen – you’ll be surprised what you’ll learn.

Get Positive Feedback

We support and help each another improve our public speaking skills by giving positive feedback. You’ll learn what you did well and you’ll get tips about how to improve.

The Reigate Rhetoric is a new Toastmasters club based in Reigate.

Toastmasters Clubs have been helping their communities improve their public speaking, leadership and social skills for nearly 100 years. Here in Reigate, we are a group of ordinary people who come together at St Mary’s on Monday evenings to help each other develop our communication skills. Our Club is affiliated to Toastmasters International and we run our meetings according to their educational guidelines so that we can all learn and grow.

Delivering short prepared speeches is at the heart of the Toastmasters’ educational programme. At The Reigate Rhetoric you’ll learn the importance of structuring a speech and about the power of using the right words at the right time. It’s not just the text; you’ll learn how to enliven any speech, talk or conversation with your body language and tone of voice. Step-by-step our members grow into competent speakers.

We believe in learning by doing and by receiving empowering positive feedback. Every speaker at our Club is commended; feedback and advice is given in evaluations to enable the speaker to grow and enhance the skills of all. Our members range from new to experienced speakers and from the terrified to the unshakable; we all learn from each other. You’ll find a member like you!

We’d love you to visit. There’s no obligation to join.
Just come along and find out more.

“Toastmasters gave me back my mojo after a long period off work. On return I had lost confidence and speaking skills. But joining Guildford Speakers gave me the opportunities and direction that I needed.”

“I joined Toastmasters in order to improve my confidence and develop my speaking skills in English, my second language. As a business owner, presenting a confident face to clients is essential.”

“Public speaking is an essential skill for me. Conference presentations no longer hold any fear and I have the tools and skills to allow me to grow my leadership and coaching business.”

Feargal Hogan, CC ALB

ex-President, Guildford Speakers Club
Technology Director

Silvia Vizzoni

Founder, The BigBlue Collection

Charlie Warshawski

Former President, Epsom Speakers Club
Leadership Coach and Trainer


While Covid-19 persists we will be meeting online using the Zoom platform.

Please contact us for details

The Reigate Rhetoric meet at Reigate Community Centre, behind the Methodist Church on the High Street, and at the rear of Morrisons, in Reigate.

Meetings are usually held every second and fourth Monday, but please check our meeting calendar.

Meetings start at 7.30pm sharp, so please get there between 7.15 and 7.20.

Full Address:
Reigate Community Centre
(rear of Methodist Church)
53 High St


Reigate Community Centre

(rear of Methodist Church)
53 High St

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